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Are Business Cards Outdated?

One word, No! Business cards are still a thing. It’s your first action whenever you meet a new client and is a must have when attending any networking event. Even though we live in a digital space, having a tangible piece of branding that potential clients can take with them is still a powerful marketing tool.

There are so many reasons to having a business card as part of your stationery collateral;  

It’s Part Of Your Branding
A business card is an extension of your brand. It’s another touch point for you to reach your clients and an opportunity for your brand to reinforce this with consistency. It should tie in with other marketing tools including website, advertising, social media and corporate letterhead.

It Sets You Apart From Your Competition
As mentioned earlier, while your business card should look consistent with your branding, there’s also an opportunity to try and get a little more creative with your style or shape of business cards to help set you apart from your competition. Whether it’s a beautiful embossed logo, a slightly different size business card or even a heavier paper stock, anything to help your business card to stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression. What’s more, if you’re able to do this successfully they can make a great talking point too, which can help as an icebreaker to start the conversation with a potential client.

Adds That Personal Touch
A face to face meeting (and I mean in actual person, that you can physically reach out and touch the person, not via skype) is still a valuable way to connect with your customers. There’s something much more satisfying interacting with someone in person than over email or phone. There’s less chance of misunderstanding any tone and you can pick up on physical cues obviously much easier. Swapping cards also adds that personal touch to your business in a more tangible kind of way. 

It’s Still A Thing And Not Outdated
While there are some camps who promote ditching the card in place of connecting via LinkedIn there are also those who still believe in the value of business cards. I have yet to attend a meeting or networking event where someone hasn’t given me a business card in favour of connecting digitally. And if I do receive one that stands out from the crowd I am inclined to take more notice and consider that business over another who’s business card looks just like the rest. It also gives me all of the information I need to quickly find the business, instead of trying to remember the name and spending countless minutes trying to locate them on google, which only leaves my frustrated.

What are your thoughts? If you’re in the camp business cards are still a thing and would like to include them as part of your marketing collateral then we can help.