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Why Website Design Matters

With so much competition out there, "small to medium businesses are choosing to rely on search marketing and website development to promote their businesses online in front of social media," and a plethora of choices for those researching on the internet (according to one source internet users in Australia account for 85.1% of the population), the stakes are high when it comes to not only attracting potential clients but holding their interest long enough to make a sale or generate a lead.

While having engaging content on your website is really great, ease of use and a seamless experience for the user is also extremely important.  No-one wants to spend time waiting for images or information to download or struggle with navigating through a website.

What’s more, your website is your shopfront and from the minute a potential client visits they establish a certain feel for your website and make a choice to leave or stay in a matter of seconds.

Let’s be honest who doesn’t like nice looking things? Consider this. If your website looks clunky, dreary and uninviting then this could translate into people not gaining your trust, which in turn means chances are pretty high they won’t navigate past your homepage and leave without a second glance, moving onto another.

If your website is appealing, clear and inviting, this will help to increase your chances of converting a potential customer. In addition to this, keeping your website experience consistent throughout each page helps to reinforce your branding which in turn installs a sense of trust and confidence in a potential customer.

There are a couple of questions that you need to ask in terms of ensuring you create a website that is effective and meets your customers needs and wants.

What are my customers wanting when they arrive at my website? What do they need to know to ensure they clearly understand what you are offering?

In addition to this, considering that 51.3% of consumers prefer to use their mobile device as a way to search it’s very important that your website is mobile responsive.

With this percentage only set to increase over the coming years, ensuring your website is mobile responsive will also help with your organic rankings as Google is rewarding mobile responsive websites over those that are not.

After considering the above, I think it's safe to say website design does matter and spending that little bit more to create a website that builds trust, is easy to use, looks great and is mobile responsive is well worth the investment.

This is your shopfront and first impressions count. The old chestnut of a saying, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” still rings very true in this digital world we live in.

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